What’s the Covid situation ?

Cycling is outdoors, in the fresh air, and well away from crowds, so frankly, our view at Bike Tours Malaga and Bike Tours Marbella is that you couldn’t choose a safer activity, short of staying in your hotel room.

Where is Bike Tours Marbella ?

Our guides Viqui and José will meet you by the tourist office on the Paseo next to the statue. We’ll give you full details when you make your booking.

Where is Bike Tours Malaga ?

We are located at Calle Vendeja, 6 right next to the Hotel Room Mate Valeria, which itself is just by the main city Tourist office on Plaza de la Marina.

Why do a guided bike tour with Bike Tours Malaga or Bike tours Marbella ?

For the bike tours we provide you with high quality and comfortable bikes. To make sure that the tour is as enjoyable as possible our multi-lingual team will adjust the bikes to your individual needs. The tours are conducted by competent and trained guides. They are very flexible and will agree to any particular requirements during the tour with pleasure (and within reason!). All this we offer you at fair price.

Do I have to wear a helmet?

Riders under 16 are required by law to wear a helmet in Spain. We have plenty available.

How many days in advance should I sign up for guided bicycle tour?

Booking is necessary before every bike tour. That way we can secure your place and guarantee a tour guide that speaks your language. We therefore recommend that you reserve at least one day in advance. We will of course do our best to provide a tour should you turn up at the last minute.

How fit do we need to be ?

Our City Bike Tours of Malaga and Marbella, our Tapas & Wine bike Tours and e-bike tours are leisurely affairs, especially the e-bike tour, which will leave you distinctly unruffled ! Everyone who can ride a bike is welcome. We always adapt the pace of the tours to our participants. We make stops, so you can drink water and take pictures. Our Panorama Bike Tour Malaga requires a certain level of fitness as there is some modest climbing.

What if it rains – the tours take place anyway?

Yes. We cycle when it’s raining unless it’s torrential, in which case we’ll most likely cancel.  Please bring a waterproof jacket.

Should I leave a deposit for the guided bicycle tour?

If you participate in a guided bike tour with us, you don’t have to leave a deposit. If you rent a bike, we ask you to leave a document of Title or a cash amount of 100 € for a City Bike and 300 € for a e-bike.

How safe are the guided bike tours?

Very safe. We only ride on safe routes and cycle ways. With a large group a second monitor will accompany you. Helmets are provided and free of charge. Our bikes are checked before each tour.


How long are the bike tours?

The City Bike tours of Marbella and Malaga and the e-bike tour of Malaga last about 3 hours. The Wine & Tapas Bike tours in both cities last 3 – 4 hours.

Do I have to have lights?

The law requires cyclists to have front and rear lights when riding at night. We'll provide you with both as part of your rental.

What do I do with the bike overnight?

Bikes like to sleep indoors, just like people. If you're staying in a hotel, check with them to find out if you can take your bike to your room or if they can keep it in their luggage room. Keeping the bike indoors overnight is the best way to avoid potential damage or theft. Otherwise, we provide very strong locks with which you can secure the bike outside.

Who is responsible if the bike is stolen or damaged?

You are. We'll provide you the tools and knowledge needed to keep the bike safe but it's up to you to return everything we give you.

Do you deliver or pick up bikes?

Yes, but please call ahead of time to verify our availability. We can deliver or pick up anywhere within the Malaga and Marbella regions for a fee.

Can I store my luggage in your place?

Yes you can!